Preventative Dentistry

At Tower Dental, we believe that prevention is  better than the cure,  with the proper health care  your pearly whites could live an  harmonious lifestyle. We recommend the following:

Regular dental cleanings 

Are beneficial because stains are removed, any remaining tartar and plaque is also removed. You also see your doctor which helps early detection of dental issues. This keeps your smile bright and your gums healthy! 

Oral cancer Screenings

We recommend this at least once a year.  Your tongue, throat, gums, lips , neck and face are checked for any signs of oral cancer.  Early detection is important to us, please inform us if you have noticed any difference in swallowing, lesions, and ulcers and having any difficulty swallowing. 

Night guards/ Athletic guards

Are custom made to fit perfectly around your teeth. These appliances help protect teeth from  damages caused by  grinding your teeth at night or during any athletic activities. They lessen the need of crowns, fillings or veneers and aid in teeth mobility, jaw pain , and head head aches. 


A clear coating applied to deep groves of teeth. They help keep bacteria out of those hard to reach places. This helps prevent the formation of cavities. Sealants are great for children and adults , its never too late to prevent cavities!